SCU Engineering Futures

The Engineering Futures Building is designed to continue the Campus tradition for Architectural Excellence established over the last 20 years. The building has become the focus and ‘home’ for the new School of Engineering, it houses specialist collaborative design studios, tutorial rooms and collaborative spaces as well as a reception facility and student services centre. The tropical climate is conducive to open sheltered non-enclosed common student lounge spaces (similar to a tropical hotel) which are used as student commons to link the teaching learning areas and serve as multi-modal breakout and support spaces. The project is designed to incorporate a range of structural strategies in its construction as demonstration elements to the students. In keeping with the requirements of the campus masterplan, the building is to focus on sustainability of design.  Consequently it is designed as 5 Greenstar (as built self assessed). The project includes a world leading 3D full immersion studio with ancillary support spaces.  The studio provides a full 3D immersion environment with multiple programmable projectors for up to 20 students. The facility allows students to create 3D structure or engineering models and test to destruction whilst they are inside the virtual model.  It also allows engineering students to ‘visit’ complex manufacturing and processing plants around the world whilst remaining on campus.  The facility will also be used by Nursing and paramedical students to ‘enter’ a live body or ‘go inside’ a beating heart.

ClientSunshine Coast University


Project director:

Ian Brewster

Project director:

Andrew Hjorth

Project director:

Larry Melocco

Project associate:

Rus Manaf