Glen St Library, Belrose

Glen Street Community Hub is an initiative of Warringah Council to co-locate community services in the suburb of Belrose. A new 650m2 library is  proposed adjacent  to the existing Glen Street Theatre allowing for sharing of services and providing opportunities for collaboration between both activities. The Library forms Stage 2 of the Masterplan following extensive renovation to the theatres entry and the creation of a forecourt area. The proposed library has been designed to create a new vibrant link between the existing theatre complex with the use of materials and addressing the theatre forecourt whilst maintaining its own presence along Glen Street. The building includes a new public library design for the Belrose community and the surrounding communities. The library includes a technology hub with digital rooms, a multipurpose spaces, community lounge , reading areas and a outdoor teaching/ reading auditorium forming a physical connection to the new theatre forecourt. The library has been designed with a strong focus on integrating the activities of the theatre and library creating opportunities for the children, youth as well as the aging community to partake in these activities. The interiors will create rich compositions of rooms and pods providing spaces for different uses. The graphic  signage and rich palette of materials provide an exciting and vibrant gathering space. design innovations The library engages directly with its surroundings, with a dramatic double height space that opens through a shaded curtain wall to the street life and surrounding shopping precinct, the interior provides strongly articulated areas for reading, meeting, researching and learning in a fun and colourful environment.

ClientNorthern Beaches Council


Project director:

Ian Brewster

Project director:

Larry Melocco

Project associate:

Rus Manaf