North Sydney Olympic Pool

Redevelopment of the iconic North Sydney Olympic Pool has reached a new milestone, with North Sydney Council reporting that they are in the final stages of assessing Construction Tenders. The Pool will be transformed into a new $58m aquatic centre that will include 5 new pools, expanded Gymnasium along with a new grandstand, water play, cafe and completely new facilities, replacing the 80 year old originals that have become corroded and dangerous to users. These will be constructed within the iconic decorative brickwork enclosure of the original 1935 Pool along with its playful decorative features and much loved sundeck and pool surrounds. Truly a new ship in an old bottle. The design process has involved complex heritage and access issues in a high profile location under the Sydney Harbour Bridge. The North Sydney Olympic Pool Project commenced with a comprehensive review of the most successful aquatic centres in Australia, in order to determine the most effective and user focused strategies for the design of a multi purpose aquatic and fitness facilities. This included integration of gym and health club facilities, retail and food and beverage offerings, that fully enhanced the user experience and are aimed to provide effective income streams to offset the operating costs of the facilities. New water play, learn to swim and therapeutic warm water facilities have been integrated into this classic aquatic centre site to provide an appeal to the widest range of the community. The design of the new pool hall enclosure for the NSOP project involved complex JV3 modelling in order to achieve Council’s design outcomes of transparency and enclosure. The Centre is slated for completion in 2022 and will once again be a world class aquatic facility in an incomparable Sydney location.

ClientNorth Sydney Council
CompletedDue 2022


Project director:

Ian Brewster

Project director:

Larry Melocco

Project associate:

Alisa Pigram