Mona Vale Library + Village Park

The Mona Vale Civic Centre includes the refurbishment and refit of the old Col Madigan designed library building as a Council Customer Service Centre and a large new Library building constructed underground below the adjacent parkland. The complex provides a Civic focus for the Mona Vale Village and a home for Pittwater Council as well as a range of places for various experiences including a Civic Place, outdoor café, a parkland amphitheatre and an integrated pedestrian link between the two halves of the village. The Library is located in two underground curved pavilions, linked by a central sunken garden which provides light and outlook as well as an external reading area for the library users. The internal spaces of the Library are brilliantly lit by natural light from the courtyard and the long curved lantern which encloses the main entry ramp. The building incorporates a range of innovative and unique ESD initiatives which take advantage of the building’s location to dramatically cut energy use. The architect’s work included the design of special shelving, furniture, signage and graphics in addition to their traditional roles to create a completely integrated facility.

ClientPittwater Council


Project director:

Ian Brewster

Project director:

Andrew Hjorth

Project director:

Maria Colella