Coogee Beach Centre

The Coogee Beach Centre is located on the existing lower promenade at Coogee Beach. The facilities has been designed to replace an outdated but important life guard facility that has been an integral amenity to the activities and culture of Coogee Beach. The award winning new facilities provide much needed modern community change areas and lifeguard services spaces. The amenities open directly to the lower promenade, with a series of tilt up doors that allow the entire beach facing side of the building to open up to the public and staff. Heritage considerations were important in developing a design to maintain Coogee Beach heritage sandstone walls and promenade. Placing the amenities below the promenade, underground, has ensured that views and vistas to the beach from the park are retained, and the facility fits seamlessly into the coastal urban fabric of the site. Natural light to the underground facility is aided by a series of guarded glazed steps that have been integrated as seating elements in the park above. These allow natural light to the change facilities located at the deepest part of the plan. The amenities are primarily naturally ventilated, with air conditioning in the lifeguard and kiosk areas only. The amenities utilise recycled water for toilet flushing and cleaning. The project has been designed with the use of robust materials, with high resistance to corrosive sea environments. It has also been designed to withstand a 1 in 100 year storm tidal surge with an expected 0.5m water level above the internal floor levels.

ClientRandwick City Council


Project director:

Ian Brewster

Project director:

Larry Melocco