Carnes Hill Recreation Centre

The Carnes Hill Recreation and Community Precinct, is located in Carnes Hill, and is part of the Liverpool City central hub capturing the growing population in the Liverpool area, characterized by  a young population overall, with large proportion of families with young children. The precinct caters for a new Indoor Recreation  Centre which includes multi-use courts, a gym, child minding and fitness/health rooms. The Indoor Recreation centre is be supported by 2 external tennis/multi-use courts, complement the sports and recreational activities. The sports courts are multi configurable to allow for Basketball, Netball, Badminton, Footsal and Volley Ball.
The courts open up to two external multi-use courts, which allows the indoor and outdoor to be used for large community events and concerts. The Precinct also provides a new Library and Community Centre compatible to the Liverpool City Centre Library. It provides a Community Resource Hub with multi-use rooms of different sizes to accommodate large group ( up to 200) as well as smaller community groups (30 to 40). The Community Resource Hub accommodates offices for sessional health workers. A key suburb park completes the precinct with a skatepark, half basketball courts, picnic areas, playground for different age users, bicycle and pedestrian pathways, children cycleways and parking areas through the site and pedestrian links to adjoining residential and commercial areas. A cafe and terrace is accommodated on the eastern side of the library, providing views over the playground, the central plaza and stairs and the park areas towards Beard Creek. The precinct provides a major centre for the whole community to gather an partake in recreational activities and creates a focus for the suburb.The design of the two major buildings on the site takes advantage of the sloping nature of the site, and opens up to an existing Creek with views of the park and recreational areas.

ClientLiverpool City Council


Project director:

Ian Brewster

Project associate:

Rus Manaf