Rockhampton Art Gallery

Bauhinia Architects in association with Brewster Hjorth Architects (BA + BHA) were engaged by RRC to undertake a Feasibility Assessment of the effective use of a series of sites on Quay Street owned by RCC, with the view to leverage and enhance existing riverfront redevelopment. RRC sought to address the current underutilisation of these buildings and to maximise the potential of their contiguity to advance possible relocation and expansion of the Art Gallery, establishment of a CBD Visitor Information Centre and local history display area, designated premises for Smart Hub and relocation of RRC staff. BA + BHA prepared a masterplan study and concept designs that revitatising the buildings at 208, 212 and 214 Quay Street as the “lead the way” in a flow on revitalisation and regeneration of Rockhampton CBD Waterfront. The combined redevelopment of the 208, 212, 214 Quay Street building, together with the riverbank redevelopment project, will effectively create a new hub in the city that would be defined as Rockhampton's cultural hub with inclusion of the art gallery. To enhance this the feasibility study included creating a pedestrian market lane connection from the riverbank to East Street, and incorporating the Quay Street redevelopment. This city laneway also links with the riverbank Art Trail. The market lane concept will require the purchase of one or two properties in East Street. Three options have been explored, with the preferred option having a direct line of sight from East Street to the riverbank. The facilities to be included within the Quay Street Precinct included: • A new or relocated home for the Rockhampton Art Gallery • The new Smart Hub • New offices for up to 60 staff of FCC • Visitors Information Centre • A new outdoor covered markets • New theatre based uses for the existing Rockhampton Art Gallery Building. • The OCD Customs House Represented an ideal use as an art gallery, with its prominent ceremonial profile, creating an ideal destination for ventral art gallery and exhibitions. This has been combined with the adaptive reuse of the adjoining office building to accommodate all the required galleries for Rockhampton Art Gallery. This part of the project has been designed with more contemporary elements which when combined with the Old Customs House, they create the blended heritage contemporary architecture that will be successful to redefine the city’s identity and promote cultural and business growth. • The contemporary design has included dynamic facade design elements that allow the new building to change form and appearance, and form an art work of its own. • Showcasing a blended futuristic and heritage architecture has become state of the art for regional galleries across the world and will create a state of the art new art gallery precinct for Rockhampton.

ClientRockhampton Regional Council
CompletedJanuary 2019


Project director:

Ian Brewster