Andrew Hjorth

Andrew has worked with the firm since 1985, and became a Director in 1996. Andrew has taught interior design and architecture part time and developed particular interests in design of complex facilities. Andrews skills lie in the interpretation of his Clients requirements, ensuring that his projects always meet or exceed their expectations. Andrew’s clients rely on his thorough attention to detail and high level of client service and care. Andrew has particular focus on the educational projects undertaken by BHA. Andrew has taken the role of Project Director for most of our important Educational projects. Andrew has a very comprehensive understanding of how to manage all phases of a project. He has developed strong skills for working with users to define their needs and control their expectations. During the design and documentation phases, Andrew works closely with both the design team and Stakeholders to ensure all the detail requirements are co-ordinated. Andrew has recently managed the Construction phases of important regional and CSU projects. He has been responsible for developing our administration tools and understands how to deal with the important issues arising as a building is in construction.

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