Ian Brewster

Ian is a Director and CEO of Brewster Hjorth Architects that he jointly founded in 1984. He has a strong focus on providing innovative solutions for the firms clients. He has over 30 years experience in the design of complex public and educational architecture. Brewster Hjorth’s clients rely on his ability to develop a broad Big Picture view, developing successful alternative design approaches and his high level of Client service and care. Ian has developed an expertise on new directions in design for Libraries and Public Buildings, speaking at a number of industry conferences. This expertise includes a through understanding of urban design and its importance in connecting civic facilities together to create a civic precent. Ian has demonstrated thorough previous projects that links beyond the project into the wider community are fundamental in creating civic facilities which are broadly accepted and utilised by the Community. He has particular interests in the incorporation of ESD (environmental) Design principles in BHA Projects and the incorporation of Digital Information systems in modern public buildings.

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