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Ashfield Civic Centre  

Ashfield Civic Centre

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Ashfield Civic Centre is a revitalisation of the Ashfield Town Centre led by Ashfield Council with the creation of a new Civic Centre and Public Library on the site of the old Ashfield Council Offices.

The redevelopment of the site includes the 2 original council buildings, and a new 3 level building which integrates all levels of the facility via new lifts and a 3 storey atrium. Facilities include a new Public Library of approximately 2,000m2, modern customer services facilities housed in a grand public foyer, new public meeting rooms for 200, as well as Youth Centre, Early Childhood Centre, Council Offices, and an upgraded Town Hall with the seating capacity for 300.

Design Innovation
The design of the new Civic Centre extends the benefits of co-location of council facilities by providing a seamless connection to all facilities. The Public Access to all of the facilities are provided within an open and united space where it is possible to speak to council officers, return library material, attend a public meeting or  access community services at the one address. Multiple access points are provided from Liverpool Road, the adjacent retail mall and public carparking facilities. 

By using electronic book tagging, security is limited to the building perimeter only with the public free to move between facilities in the Centre. The Centre has the feel of a modern department store where services may be accessed electronically, through self service points or by open contact with council staff. The library facilities include for IT access to the public throughout the facility with no separation between the physical collection and electronic services. Checkout and return can be done completely independently of library staff, freeing staff to provide individualised service to users in accessing the collection.

Council offices have been amalgamated  onto a single level with an open plan design providing for ease of access of staff with extensive meeting rooms and informed meeting spaces creating a relaxed and interactive environment.
physical size:
cost: $15.5m
completed: 2011


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