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Over the last 12 years our work on Education and Civic sector projects has allowed us to develop an expertise in campus masterplanning. In that time we have masterplanned projects for educational institutions including 7 universities and colleges on 16 campuses, as well as for research organisations such as CSIRO and for large industrial sites for Dairy Farmers and Amcor. 

Our Consultative Approach
Our approach to each of these varied challenges demonstrate a “common thread”, we concentrate on coming to an understanding of our client’s views regarding long term strategies and functional imperatives. As with Monte Sant Angelo College and James Cook University we will attempt to introduce discussions and considerations of how leading pedagogical thinking affects the campus‘ future directions and the types of buildings and facilities which may be needed to provide environments for media rich digital learning and multi-modal learning scenarios. Once a consensus has been reached regarding the broad direction to be pursued we will set up detailed Briefing and Design Workshops to involve our Clients and their key Stakeholders in the formulation of a range of alternative outcomes from which we jointly develop a solution.In the course of our work for UTS (Haymarket campus) and UoW (Wollongong campus) our consultation program included research interviews and discussion groups with nominated and randomly selected student and staff representatives as well as high level briefings from the University Vice Chancellors.

Encouraging Connections
Once we have jointly established an overarching pedagogical framework for the campus our concerns are to encourage a ‘connectedness’ and logic of overall structure, pathways, movement systems and infrastructure to create a supportive planning environment for the current project and future growth which aligns with the functional requirements of the project’s program.

Innovative Thinking
Our approach to masterplanning is driven by the same approach to innovation and progressive thinking that is manifested in the design of our buildings. We believe that masterplanning is an essential part of establishing the design environment for each project and consequently the line between masterplanning and design is blurred.

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