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Macarthur Regional Visitor Centre

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the australian botanic garden, mount annan

The new visitor centre will be recognised by its main element, the large steel and glass 'cube' form which sits on perfect landscaped grassed mounds, surrounded by a new formal lake adjacent to the new entrance to the Botanic Garden at Mount Annan.

The building is intended to attract passing visitors coming through Sydney’s southern 'entrance' along the nearby freeway. It will act as an information centre for the Gardens and the whole Macarthur region.  The main display area of the centre sits under the transparent filigreed form of the 'cube' which will also shelter a small auditorium and a dining area for the new cafe.  The building will also house an information desk, retail outlet and gallery display areas.

The cafe and other supporting facilities will be located ‘underground’ beneath the enclosing and supporting landscaped mounds.  The cafe wil face both into the centre, and outwards to an outdoor terrance extending over the new surrounding lake which will complete the building's landscaped setting.

The entry procession to the building from its new carpark is defined by the two curved stone walls which retain the grass mounds and curve and ‘move’ towards and away from each other to create a sinuous indoor space to form a continuation of the external landscaped areas.

The new centre is conceived as a representation of the region's rolling hills with its overlapping curved grass mounds creating and framing views of the building, the new lake and outwards to the Garden and the surrounding areas.

physical size: approx 850m²
cost: $6.5m approx
completed: Concept Design: May 2012


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