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CSU Dentistry, Dubbo

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The Dubbo Dental and Oral Health Clinic building, is the largest of the three regional dental clinics, which were all completed as the part of the development for the School of Dentistry and Oral Health.  The clinic provide a private dental clinic with two chairs, an eight chair open teaching clinic, with support spaces, and six large and medium clinics which will be used by Greater Western Area Health and Sydney University, who were partners in the development.

The form of the building in plan is characterized by two bent forms separated by a circulation spine which runs the length of the building.  The northern portion contains clinician’s offices, the private clinic, the open clinic, and staff and public amenities. The southern portion contains the clinics used by Greater Western Area Health, clinical support spaces, and a tutorial room for students.  The spine is lined with clerestory windows, which allows natural lighting deep into the plan.

The external form of the building was inspired by overlapping forms which are characterized by two different colours and patterns used in the facade.  The large overlapping bands were used to capture the vertical screens along the north and south facades.  These screens allow for extensive glazing to all the internal spaces while providing both shading and privacy to those inside.  The robust façade is made of compressed fibre cerement panels, high performance glazing, and aluminium louvres and screens. Along with the shading screens the design team worked with new materials, a solar hot water system, a smart lighting system, and a multi-layer insulation system to achieve the Universities ESD targets and to maximize the patient and staff comfort.

The low slung building is set into the natural fall of the land which allows the dental and mechanical plant to be tucked underneath, a critical aspect for such a technically intensive building type.

physical size: 1,440m2
cost: $5.4m
completed: September 2010


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